Health Insurance:
Texas Benefit Alliance offers a number of employer sponsored health insurance plans from various insurance companies. Those include HMO’s, PPO’s and High Deductible Plans.

Although Texas Benefit Alliance usual works with employer groups, individual health plans are also available.

Disability Insurance:

The purpose of disability insurance is to protect the insured from an unexpected, or in some cases expected, disruption in income.

Disability insurance is a very flexible insurance product. The employer may choose from a variety of income limits, waiting periods, and benefit periods. Disability Insurance can be purchased on a group (employer paid) basis, an individual (voluntary) basis, or a combination of the two.

Life Insurance:
Life insurance is also a very flexible product. Many employers choose to purchase a life insurance policy for their employees. The amount can range from as little as $10,000, or two to three times the employee's salary.

Many employers allow the employee to purchase extra life insurance for themselves, spouse and/or children through the convenience of payroll deduction. This extra life insurance has a “guaranteed issue” amount that is available to the employee with no need for a health questionnaire. The spouse and/or children are also eligible for a “guaranteed issue” amount.

Dental Insurance:
Dental insurance is the second most requested benefit, right behind health insurance. There are a number of dental carriers to choose from that have very low deductibles. In order to keep costs at their lowest, prevention is the key. Most dental carriers cover preventive procedures at 100%, while basic (fillings, extractions, etc.) and major (root canals, bridges, etc) are cover at 80% and 50% respectively.
Vision Insurance:
Vision is an inexpensive benefit to offer, while still being relevant to a number of employees.
Long-Term Care Insurance:
Approximately half of us will have the need for either in-home care or be confined to a facility at some point in our lifetime, many prior to the age of 65. Long-term care insurance provides a way to access that care while reducing the negative impact to the family asset base.
Executive Life, Disability and Key Man Insurance:
Executive Life, Disability and Key Man insurance allows the principals in a company to plan for the specific financial needs of their company.
Supplemental Insurance:
Supplemental insurance serves two purposes:
  1. It allows the employee to customize their benefit package based on their family history and lifestyle.
  2. It offers “gap” insurance coverage for those employers that choose a plan with a higher deductible.

Supplemental insurance benefits are paid directly to the employee. This money gives the employees cash to pay the higher deductible, living expenses, and other daily expenses. Supplemental insurance included the following types of policies: Accident, Cancer, Heart Attack/Stroke, Intensive Care and others.