Your current broker:

  • Runs quotes and shows you the cheapest option
  • Helps with your open enrollment and fields questions from employees
  • They don’t help you streamline your benefit or HR processes
  • You hear from them again around renewal time

Why that’s a problem:

  • Anyone can run quotes. Because of the Affordable Care Act, it doesn’t matter who is running your quotes, the price will be the same
  • Employee Benefits are more complex and complicated then they have ever been, and there is more to being a broker than enrolling, quotes, and answering a few questions
  • There’s a lot that happens between open enrollments

Your Solution:

  • Texas Benefit Alliance, Inc.- A team of professionals with over 55 years of combined experience in group benefits
  • A team that works for you ALL year and is always on hand for face to face meetings and to answer any questions you have
  • A service rep that helps you and your team make benefits easy
  • A Partner– NOT a broker


    Company Name

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    (254) 791-8221