Your current process:

  • Your broker runs your quotes when it’s time to do so
  • You have LOTS of paper forms for you and/or your employees
  • Time consuming enrollment process
  • File cabinet is holding all of your forms, and when you need them you have to dig for them

Why that’s a problem:

  • There is multitudes more to servicing you than simply running quotes and assisting with enrollments
  • A broker’s greatest competitive advantage is service, not quoting (All quotes come out the same, no matter who is running them)
  • Compliance can easily be a forgotten piece
  • You are taken away from what YOU do best- your job!

Your Solution:

  • Someone who cares about you at all times-not just during your renewal
  • An advocate who fights on your behalf to combat large increases to your rates
  • A team member that simplifies your systems and processes instead of adding more to your “to do” list


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